Popular Web Design Trends in 2018

The web is a fast evolving space. Technologies and development procedures can arrive suddenly. Fantastic tools that are always getting better are being created. Those tools allow for a greater freedom when designing and refining websites and interfaces. Trends are popular in web design just like in other sectors so if something becomes popular everyone starts implementing that in their web design process.

Here is a list of WordPress web design trends in 2018.

Keep in mind these trends are not all new but are still popular and gaining traction from last year. Some of the trends are anticipated to be broadly used for new websites that are designed and created in 2018.

Some of the techniques mentioned are new for some readers and maybe will become a standard design pattern for them. Those are not used by many as of yet but steadily will gain in popularity this year.

Typography that is creative and bold
A lot of companies are currently utilizing different types of typography to make their websites look cooler and user-friendly. Expect to see various types of typography take up more space on the website and screen furthermore expect to see creative types of typography being used on websites instead of the standard plain fonts that have been utilized for the last few years.

More and more businesses are using GIFs(videos that run on a continuous loop) to improve their static pages. The reason for this is to hold the attention of the visitor for a longer time and minimize bounce rate.

Bright Gradients
Some say colorful gradients are making a comeback it can look nice on websites to make it look modern.

Strong layers of color
This can work on some sites to add texture and depth to the page by using stacked layers of color.
What color is picked for a website is essential furthermore Color can influence the visitor in many ways. Color can often be one of the factors that make a website have a bad conversion rate. The layout of the site has to be good, and that also means that the color choice needs to be congruent with the overall design patterns of the site. An image that is composed of two colors is called duotone that has been popular in the last few years and will proceed to be widely used this year.

Simple text
Web sites are increasingly minimizing the amount of images on their pages instead they are using a simple text to educate their visitors about their company.

Illustrators are becoming popular in the web development world to create fantastic looking drawings for websites to make them look cool.

It can be a hassle to resize logos and other images correctly and efficiently. Some sites are increasingly using the SVG format to combat that issue instead of using the JPG or PNG. This format is not ideal for all images but is perfect for logos because it only works with vector graphics so you can´t scale them infinitely. So this is an excellent format to use for logos. SVG images should render flawlessly no matter what the size, also an added benefit is that SVG manages to have a tiny file size which is perfect for the page speed of the website.

Designs that are modular
Modular design is an excellent method to create a website that is accessible and clean but also minimizes bounce rate and keeps the user engaged and interested. This is a design process of using a modular, square grid pattern to develop the different elements.

Text and images that overlap
One effect that is popular on websites at the moment is when images and text slightly overlap it will continue to be popular this year.

That ends our list of 2018 WordPress web design trends to keep in mind. Probably, this has presented to you some innovative design patterns, and web technologies that you weren´t knowledgeable were growing in popularity and becoming broadly used on websites. Hopefully, you can incorporate some of the methods mentioned earlier to create beautiful looking websites that are user-friendly. Of course, other design patterns will be popular also, but we think these will gain and maintain popularity this year.