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Web Design & Optimization

Is your website mobile responsive? Does your website convert visitors into customers? We can create or redesign a website for you that sends your business more leads.

Social Media Management

There are a lot of different social media platforms out there. It´s difficult for any business owner to keep up with all of them. We can manage all of your social media for you.

Social Media Marketing

We can help you increase your website’s visibility through social media. We can help you drive more targeted leads and customers from social media.

Having a social media presence is very important for businesses. Social Media is becoming a major factor in the search engines. A big majority of westerners uses social media on a regular basis. Having your brand on social media is becoming more and more crucial.

Businesses can find new leads and customers either with organic or paid social media marketing.

We at Hekla Digital use cutting edge social media strategies to get your message and brand out in front of your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to have more visibility and rank higher in google? It´s the most effective marketing channel for reaching new customers. By ranking higher in the search engines, you will increase your chances of attracting new customers. We use proven methods to get our clients to the top of the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is always changing and we are proud to say we put a lot of effort in staying up to date with SEO. We network and mastermind with the leading experts in the fields.

We always know what is the best way to get your company to the top of the search engines in an ethical way.

Let´s face it a majority of people still use google to search for products and services. Being at the top of the search engines guarantees a steady flow of new leads and customers.

We at Hekla Digital are interested in only one thing at that is to help our clients reach the top of the search engines.

Let the SEO experts at Hekla Digital help you get more customers.

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We use cutting edge strategies to help our clients get more customers and leads with their online marketing


Online marketing that gets your company a ROI.

Monthly Reports

We believe in keeping our clients up to date with everything we are doing for them. We send our clients a detailed report each month with ranking updates and news.

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Are you considering hiring an SEO Company Baton Rouge? If so, you are probably weighing the costs and benefits of doing it yourself vis a vis outsourcing it.

Handling your Baton Rouge SEO in-house might save you some money. However, if you are inexperienced or cannot dedicate enough time to it, you may end up harming your business in the long-term.

Pursuing the right search engine optimization strategy is no longer the luxury of big budget firms in highly competitive industries. Search engine rankings have become critical to the success of every business today. Ignoring it or taking it lightly can spell doom for your business.

A bad strategy will lower your rankings or lead to costly penalties from search engines. If you are undecided about hiring an agency to handle your search optimization, consider the following undeniable facts:

Proper SEO Baton Rouge will boost your visibility

Without SEO, your website stands no chance of getting high visibility online. As an experienced agency, we will help you achieve more top rankings online which will lead to more customers for your business. This will increase your exposure to the right clients who are ready to buy.

Only an experienced agency can accurately target the most relevant keywords, and help you compete successfully with other businesses in your industry.
Get more traffic for greater revenue

If your search optimization is done properly, it will steadily increase traffic to your website. Through website optimization, we can make your site attract more visitors and be highly visible to search robots.

More traffic to your site means your products and services are being viewed by a larger audience. This greater exposure to potential customers will result in more quality leads, which translates to bigger revenues for your business.

Our methods are tried and tested
This is not about trial and error or improvisation on the go. As a professional agency, we have a lot of experience and expertise in what we do. When it comes to digital marketing, it is vital to hire a company with a proven track record.

Only an expert can successfully evaluate your business, competitors and customers, before creating a comprehensive strategy to improve your search rankings.

Achieve a better ROI

An experienced agency will deliver a much higher return on investment than traditional marketing avenues such as TV, magazine or radio ads.
Customers who use search engines are actively looking for your services and are ready to buy them. Traditional ads, on the other hand, market your services to everyone, most of whom have no use or interest in them.

SEO is cheaper and advertises your services and products only to those who are interested, which delivers a much better return on investment.

Target the right customers

Search optimization relies on buyer keywords and an in-depth understanding of your industry and customers. It allows you to target clients who are interested, willing and able to purchase your products or services.

By setting up a proper sales funnel, we can identify quality prospects and lead them down the buying process until they eventually become paying customers.
This helps you concentrate your sales efforts and resources only on quality prospects, which saves you time and money while boosting your revenues.

If you want higher visibility and exposure to the right customers, then hiring a search engine optimization agency is exactly what your business requires.
It is the most effective and efficient way of boosting your revenues, without dramatically increasing your marketing costs.